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The Protestant Reformed Churches in America (www.prca.org) have been doing mission work in the Philippines since the late 1990s. Our current work includes preaching and teaching the truths of the Reformed faith in various churches and groups of believers in Metro Manila and beyond, teaching pastors, and pursuing various contacts throughout the Philippines. Feel free to get in touch with any of the two missionaries: Rev. D. Kleyn (d.kleyn(at)prca.org), or Rev. R. Smit (smit(at)prca.org)

Lord’s Day 33 – “The True Conversion Of The Sinner” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 31b – “Christian Discipline” (Kleyn)
Hebrews 13:8 – “Our Unchanging Jesus” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 31a – “Preaching as a Key of God’s Kingdom” (Kleyn)
Isaiah 40:31 – “Strength for Those Who Wait upon the Lord” (Kleyn)
I Peter 1:14-16 – “Pilgrims Commanded To Be Holy” (Kleyn)
1 Peter 3:20-21 – “Saved By The Water Of Baptism” (Kleyn)
Mark 1:21-28 – “The Authoritative Doctrine Of Jesus” (Smit)
Lord’s Day 27 – “The Place Of Infants Of Believers In The Church” (Smit)
Lord’s Day 26 – “Certainly Washed” (Smit)
Lord’s Day 22 – “The Believer’s Comfort in Death” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 24a – “The Good Works of Justified Believers” (Kleyn)
I Timothy 3:1 – “Desiring To Be An Officebearer” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 31a – “The Power of Preaching as a Key of God’s Kingdom” (Kleyn)
Isaiah 40:31 – “Strength for Those Who Wait Upon The Lord” (Kleyn)
Acts 2:39 – “God’s Promise To You And Your Children” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 22 – “Hoping for Perfect Salvation” (Kleyn)
John 21:15 – “Jesus’ Command: Feed My Lambs” (Kleyn)
Mark 7:24-30 – “The Faith Of The Syrophoenician Woman” (Smit)
Lord’s Day 21a – “The Church: Bound To Belong” (Smit)
Lord’s Day 21b – “The Wonder Of Jehovah’s Forgiveness” (Smit)
Psalm 63:3-4 – “Something Better Than Life” (Smit)
Mark 5:21-24, 35-43 – “Jesus’ Resurrection of Jairus’
Lord’s Day 20 – “The Promised Gift Of The Holy Spirit To Believers And Their Seed” (Smit)
I Timothy 6:11-12 – “Fighting The Good Fight Of Faith” (Smit)
Lord’s Day 16 – “Christ Going To Hell For Us” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 15 – “The Cross Of Jesus Christ” (Kleyn)
1 Peter 3:15 – “Being Ready To Give An Answer” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 14 – “Believing The Incarnation Of God’s Son” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 13 – “The Only Begotten Son Of God” (Kleyn)
John 7:37-39 – “The Spirit As Living Water” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 40 – “God’s Command Concerning Earthly Life” (Kleyn)
Mark 16:19-20 – “Preaching Everywhere The Word” (Smit)
Lord’s Day 11 – “Jesus: Our Only Saviour” (Smit)
Mark 6:53-56 – “Many In The Streets Made Whole As Jesus Passed By” (Smit)
Lord’s Day 10 – “Believing Our Father’s Hand Of Providence” (Smit)
Mark 16:9-14 – “Rebuked For Their Unbelief About The Resurrection” (Smit)
Lord’s Day 36 – “Jealous And Zealous For The Name Of Jehovah (Smit)
Isaiah 53:8 – “Christ Cut Off From The Land Of The Living” (Kleyn)
I Peter 3:8-9 – “An Admonition That We All Be Of One Mind” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 7 – “True Saving Faith In Christ” (Kleyn)
John 20:24-26 – “The Risen Lord’s Appearance To Thomas” (Kleyn)
John 14:2-3 – “Christ Ascending To Prepare A Place For Us” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 9 – “My God And My Father” (Kleyn)
I Peter 3:7 – “The Faithful Godly Husband” (Kleyn)
Mark 16:9-14 – “Rebuked For Their Unbelief About The Resurrection” (Smit)
Lord’s Day 8 – “God Triune” (Smit)
Psalm 101:3 – “Upright Behavior Within My Home And Church” (Smit)
Mark 15:6-15 – “Jesus Instead of Barabbas” (Smit)
Luke 23:46 – “Jesus Word at the Threshold of Death” (Smit)
Lord’s Day 51 – “Praying For Forgiveness Of Sins” (Kleyn)
Isaiah 1:18 – “Declared To Be White As Snow” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 1 – “The Believers Only Comfort” (Kleyn)
Ephesians 2:20 – “The Church’s Firm Foundation” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 33 – “True Daily Conversion” (Kleyn)
Revelation 8:1-7 – “The Sealing Of The 144,000” (Kleyn)
Habakkuk 3:17-18 – “Joy In The Midst Of Desolation” (Kleyn)