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The Protestant Reformed Churches in America (www.prca.org) have been doing mission work in the Philippines since the late 1990s. Our current work includes preaching and teaching the truths of the Reformed faith in various churches and groups of believers in Metro Manila and beyond, teaching pastors, and pursuing various contacts throughout the Philippines. Feel free to contact Rev. D. Kleyn – d.kleyn(at)prca.org

Proverbs 11:14 – “A Multitude Of Counselors” (Holstege)
Deuteronomy 33:26-27 – “The Incomparable God Of Jeshurun” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 6 – “The Mediator God Has Provided” (Kleyn)
Isaiah 11:1-9 – “The Hope Of The Fathers And Us: (9) Isaiah: A Vision Of Messiah’s Coming” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 13 – “The Eternal Sonship Of Our Lord” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 1 – “The Believer’s Only Comfort” (Kleyn)
Acts 20:28 – “Duties Of Elders In The Church” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 12c – “Christ, Our Eternal King” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 12b – “Christ, Our Only High Priest” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 12a – “Christ, Our Chief Prophet” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 11 – “Jesus, Our Savior From Sin” (Holstege)
II Samuel 7:12-16 – “The Hope Of The Fathers And Us: (8) David: An Everlasting Kingdom” (Holstege)
II Corinthians 13:5 – “Admonished To Examine Ourselves” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 4 – “God’s Justice In Relation To Sin” (Kleyn)
Philippians 2:6-8 – “Our Savior’s Steps Of Humility” (Kleyn)
I Timothy 3:13 – “Using The Office Of A Deacon Well” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 2 – “How Great Is Our Misery?” (Kleyn)
Matthew 6:33 – “Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 10 – “The Providence Of Our Almighty God” (Holstege)
Revelation 22:20 – “Christ’s Promise: ‘Surely I Come Quickly'” (Kleyn)
Psalm 60:4 – “Displaying Our God-Given Banner” (Kleyn)
I Timothy 1:15 – “Why Christ Came To Earth: To Save Sinners” (Kleyn)
Luke 2:15-20 – “The First Visitors Of The Newborn Christ” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 9 – “Believing And Trusting In God As Our Father” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 8 – “What We Must Believe Concerning God” (Kleyn)
Luke 2:13-14 – “The Angels Sing Praise To God” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 7 – “By A True Faith” (Holstege)
Matthew 20:28 – “Why Christ Came To Earth: To Minister” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 50 – “Praying For Earthly Things” (Kleyn)
Luke 2:8-12 – “Angelic Tidings Of Great Joy” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 6b – “The Holy Gospel Of Christ” (Holstege)
Numbers 6:22-27 – “Jehovah’s Blessing Pronounced On His Church” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 46 – “The Address Of The Lord’s Prayer” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 6a – “Reconciled By Our Mediator” (Holstege)
Deuteronomy 33:28a – “Dwelling In Safety Alone” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 48 – “Praying, Thy Kingdom Come” (Kleyn)
Proverbs 1:7-9 – “Fear Of The Lord, The Beginning Of Knowledge” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 5 – “Satisfaction: The Only Way Of Escape” (Kleyn)
Proverbs 12:4 – “The Virtuous Woman, Oh How Precious!” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 4 – “God’s Just Punishment Of Sin” (Holstege)
Isaiah 49:16 – “Engraved On The Palms Of God’s Hands” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 46 – “Praying To God As Our Father” (Kleyn)
Genesis 13:5-18 – “Pitching Your Pilgrim’s Tent” (Smit)
Lord’s Day 3c – “Our Total Depravity” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 45 – “The Prayers Of A Christian” (Kleyn)
Conference 500 Speech #3 – “John Calvin: His Doctrine Of Providence” (Holstege)
Conference 500 Speech #2 – “Martin Luther: His Legacy” (Smit)
Conference 500 Speech #1 – “The Reformation: Historical Overview” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 3b – “Our Original Sin” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 3a – “God Created Man Good” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 42 – “Commanded Concerning Stewardship” (Kleyn)
Joshua 2:9-13 – “The Hope Of The Fathers And Us: (7) Rahab: Daughter Of God Seeking Salvation” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 2 – “God’s Law And The Knowledge Of Our Misery” (Holstege)
I Kings 21:1-3 – “Naboth’s Refusal To Part With His Inheritance” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 43 – “Commanded Concerning Our Tongues” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 1 – “The One All-inclusive Comfort” (Holstege)
Jonah 4:6-11 – “Jonah: (7) Taught Concerning God’s Sovereign Will” (Kleyn)
Exodus 14:13-14 – “The Hope Of The Fathers And Us: (6) Moses: The Great Day Of Salvation” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 52b – “The Conclusion Of Christian Prayer” (Holstege)
Genesis 17:7 – “God’s Covenant With Us And Our Children” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 41 – “Commanded Not To Commit Adultery” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 52a – “Lead Us Not Into Temptation” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 38 – “Keeping The Lord’s Day” (Kleyn)
Job 19:25-27 – “The Hope Of The Fathers And Us: (5) Job: Arising To See My Redeemer” (Holstege)
Luke 18:9-14 – “The Parable Of The Pharisee And Publican” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 39 – “Commanded To Honor And Obey” (Kleyn)
Genesis 15:4-6 – “The Hope Of The Fathers And Us: (4) Abraham: Promise Of A Child” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 50 – “Give Us Our Daily Bread” (Holstege)
Jonah 4:1-5 – “Jonah: (6) Angry Concerning God’s Mercy” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 49 – “Thy Will Be Done” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 45 – “The Christian’s Life Of Prayer” (Holstege)
Isaiah 55:8-9 – “Jehovah’s Supreme Thoughts And Ways” (Kleyn)
Lord’s Day 37 – “Commanded Concerning Oaths” (Kleyn)
Genesis 6:17-20 – “The Hope Of The Fathers And Us: (3) Noah: God’s Promise To Noah” (Holstege)
Ephesians 4:2-3 – “Keeping The Unity Of The Spirit” (Kleyn)
Genesis 3:15 – “The Hope Of The Fathers And Us: (2) Adam: The Mother Promise” (Holstege)
Lord’s Day 48 – “Thy Kingdom Come” (Holstege)
Romans 8:24-25 – “The Hope Of The Fathers And Us: (1) Saved In Hope” (Holstege)